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Sense2Love is a unique matchmaking platform which combines modern social networking trends with ancient matchmaking traditions. Members join per invitation as either a matchmaker to connect single friends or as a single to find the ideal partner, bringing their social circle along. Sense2Love uses simple truth: our great love is often found within our own social network. Combined with the biological matching by GenePartner, Sense2Love offers a uniquely rewarding path of finding true love. Request an invite

Eventful Dating
Mingle with singles in the San Francisco bay area and craft a professional online image that will better help you meet your dating goals through lively event. Eventful Dating is a brand new company designed to support online dating with the use of GenePartner method, a professional photographer and a writer that helps you create image you want for a successful online dating experience.

The GenePartner matching program is available on Facebook, the largest social network. Find out with which of your Facebook contacts you have that special chemistry!

The accredited Geneva and Zurich based matchmaking agency for expats in Switzerland is the pioneer in combining GenePartner’s complementary biological matching tool with traditional personality and social compatibility matchmaking. All new clients receive the GenePartner Test for free.

One of the largest offline partner agencies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, recently integrated GenePartner’s biological matching tool into their service.

To assist with partner search as well as to deepen the understanding of a relationship in counseling sessions, “Never2late” uses GenePartner’s biological matching tool to complement their expertise.

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