About GenePartner

GenePartner has developed a formula to match men and women for a romantic relationship based on their genes.

GenePartner’s biological matching method is designed as a complementary service for matchmakers and online dating sites. Based on the genetic profile of the client, the GenePartner formula determines the level of genetic compatibility with the person they are interested in. The probability for successful and long-lasting romantic relationships is greatest in couples with high genetic compatibility.

Why is genetic compatibility important?

With genetically highly compatible people we feel that rare sensation of perfect chemistry. This is the body’s receptive and welcoming response when immune systems harmonize and fit well together. Genetic compatibility results in:

  • An increased likelihood of forming an enduring and successful relationship
  • A more satisfying sex life
  • Higher fertility rates

GenePartner as a complementary matching method

There are two important aspects to every romantic relationship:

  1. Social compatibility (such as age, education level, humor, life goals, interests etc.)
  2. Biological compatibility, which ensures good chemistry and higher chances of successful long-term relationship
It is the competence of matchmakers and online dating sites to expertly analyze social compatibility factors, while GenePartner provides an accurate analysis of the biological compatibility between two people. Using both systems together with every match query ensures the best possible overall compatibility.