Security & Privacy

GenePartner takes extensive precautions to ensure privacy and security for its customers. GenePartner uses highest level encryption programs to protect the data transfer between the clients and GenePartner as well as to prevent unauthorized access to GenePartner systems and data.

  • Personal details of an online dating site customer are not shared with GenePartner’s contracted laboratories. And while GenePartner has access to some personal data of a customer it has no link to the DNA of the customer. This physical separation between DNA and personal data is the best security measure to protect the customers’ DNA privacy.
  • GenePartner is NOT affiliated with any other company, and does NOT share data with any third party
  • GenePartner determines values of HLA immune system genes ONLY and no other locus in human genome
  • HLA values are used ONLY for the purposes of GenePartner matching algorithm and no other
  • The customer’s remaining DNA sample is destroyed after HLA-genotyping has been successful